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My computer has been severely hacked. Well 2 laptops actually. And it looks like my router also. Problems noted here:

  1. Email accounts routinely hacked even after changing passwords and using keypass in the securist way. Suspected keyloggin occuring somewhere in the stream.

  2. Something causing my typing to be highlighted and changed into other words and characters, not randomly but as in remote access type of thing. Suspected rootkit worm virus (I'm only above novice in this stuff).

  3. Internet modifications occuring where webpages are rendered with intelligent inaccuracies, suspected DNS redirection and spoofing. If not virus worm etc. simply showing altered data on my computer as opposed to the actual internet modifications occuring downstream.

Seeking help in all areas... PLEASE!

Thoughts of slight above novice:

  1. Clear bios (as possible bios alteration has also occured - pull the bios battery.
  2. Zero byte the hard drive. with some application - would need recommendations.
  3. Standard antivirus programs norton, avg, malwarebytes, spydoctor, etc. are not solving issues. This would seem to be beyond their capabilities.
  4. Someone had suggested my laptops had been physically altered when I was not around. Some sort of hardward added without my knowledge. I don't think this would be true as I dont' see a need with today's hacking abilities to physically access the pc's. I can take laptops apart and follow instructions on how to install and uninstall hardware. However, I wouldn't even know where to start to locate any foreign hardward added. Not sure this would be a top issue, but I thought I would mention it.
  5. Needed consultation with network security experts at a cheap rate. While I'm hoping this forum will do the trick, if anyone has any suggestions on a solid company or even individual that can handle this, that would also be appreciated.

And the unfortunate thing about this, is that my past profession involved, um, classified, information. So I don't want to scare anyone with this. I'm just hoping for someone who is up for helping in this one heck of a challenge...

Thanks, please help, thanks...

If this were my system I would take a top down approach clearing everything and changing ALL passwords. Turn off the affected computers.

  1. Reset all web account passwords from a known clean computer not inside your network. I use Strong Password Generator with 30+ characters. You can use KeePass or LastPass to securely store your passwords. Use a seperate password for each site. On another not, when logging into email, Facebook, etc always make sure to be in https:// mode whenever possible.

  2. Turn the router off, reset it to factory settings, set it back up, ensure the latest firmware is installed as well as any other updates, ensure all security options are set, make sure you are using a STRONG passwords. If you don't have a clean PC to do this from then do step two first.

  3. Make sure your PC is off during the above process or at least ensure all network cables are removed and wireless is turned off. Format the PC using Darik's Boot & Nuke, ISO image can be burned directly to a CD. You can do a DOD wipe (7 passes) or go ultra secure with a Gutman 35 pass. DBAN will also remove the MBR with a full disc wipe. The time this takes depeneds on the speed of your computer and the size of your HD.

After this is done you should be all set to load the computer from scratch using the Windows disc provided with your PC. You may have to install drivers depending on if the disc is a recovery disc or just a basic Windows disc. After that is done make sure to install all the latest MS updates, install your programs, install antivirus, etc.

I hope this helps!

that's pretty much you can do. use strong password and don't use words you can get from an dictionary or look up. mixed up your password with numbers, caps, special characters...
When I run into issue like this I usually start from scratch like I'm building a PC. adding one thing/applications at a time.
Oh yeah as for passwords don't use your family names, pet names, or something anyone can guess easily.

i to would do as the other posters would do .start over ,quickly
i say it depends more on what content you download load or more specific content you don't download, from the net .you likely installed the virus /trojans hacking helpers ,ect ect unknoweling of course ,

i have been using my family names and pets[same pets actually ] name since 1997, and have never been hacked ,not saying im right ,just sauing im luckey maybe .