Hi,the account is not permanently deleted.I've had an experience where even after De-activating the account it shows up in the section for "People you may know" section.
This is after more than 1 month. I shall review this further to see if indeed one can permanently delete the a/c.

what is orkut? so many social sites springing up these days even if they don't make any impact.

Orkut is a "social networking site" that predates Facebook, Hyves, Ning, LinkedIn, and the others by several years.
It was created as a hobby project/proof of concept by a few guys and bought by Google shortly after who recognised it as a powerful tool in their campaign to aggregate massive amounts of data about everyone (as what had been missing most is interactions between people).

One of he few places where Google lost out to the competition, I guess facebook took them by surprise but I was declining Orkut invites years before facebook ever came around.

My friends say they can't find me on fb. No, I haven't unlinked the apps.

Why wasn't orkut successful? Sounds cool. Tried to see what it was once but not sure what exactly happened. think it may be coz it didn't work. What's happened to orkut ... secretly incorporated into Goggle+? Do you think that'll take-off?

My friends say they can't find me on fb.

Let them try using your email address.

Why wasn't orkut successful? Sounds cool.

To a large extent, it was successful just that there are things/people who must succeed more than others. Come to think of it, if orkut were not successful, you wont even hear about it and you wont be mentioning it now.

No, Actually it can be signed in next time whenever you want to sign in it don't require any lengthy procedure to re activate your account.

Yes, true, I should probably ask them.

Yet, lately, my friends have been telling me they can find me on fb? I am pretty annoyed that my account has been reactivated, if it's true. Then again, it may not be and people are still able to search me; if I was to attempt to login, I may truly activate it :(

Your right, cuteShama, they lie!

some times it is necessary to keep your activity details alive bcz of all these frods and terrorism activities through social networking...Also botnet attacks through chating probes i.e IRC... so they delete it for you but have complete knowledge kept as it is abt our all moves.. :)

No you aren't really inactive as a page so much as a user. All the info. is still there waiting for you to change your mind as far as I know. Also, if you are a regular Facebook user many of you may want to be aware that you have less than seven days before the timeline change becomes mandatory on your account. Check it out and scour your pages of the past if you need to do so.

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