The Ladies Love the Facebook, It's True

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Gentlemen, your suspicions have been confirmed - your lady/girlfriend/wife is addicted to Facebook.

That's the finding in a new survey of 18-to-34-year-old ladies by Oxygen Media (think Oprah). It found that over a third of the 1600 women polled - 39% to be exact - describe themselves as "addicted" to the pervasive social networking service. In fact, not even the call of nature can rival the siren song of social media in the morning, as 34 percent admitted that they even check Facebook before using the bathroom in the morning.

More evidence from the survey of a society's priorities gone horribly wrong:One-fifth of the women asked say they wake up in the middle of the night to check Facebook
42 percent see nothing wrong with posting photos of themselves wasted.
26 percent of women have checked for text messages in the middle of the night, which might explain why...
37 percent have fallen asleep clutching their smartphone or mobile device.

The undeniable influence of "the 'book" isn't just about sleepy-eyed status update spying, though. The survey also discovered that a whopping 63 percent of females polled use the service for career networking, 48 percent for news and 44 percent for TV and movie reviews.

Unfortunately, it also provides more grist for the paranoia mill for parents of millennial daughters, with 56 percent finding no problem with posting their current location on Twitter, and 50 percent say they're willing to meet and date people they were introduced to via Facebook. Yet, in an odd contradiction, 54 percent of women 18-34 say they don't trust their private information to Facebook, despite a willingness to share private details of their life (53 percent say they post about personal issues), and those aforementioned drunken photos on their profile pages and beyond.

Finally, one disappointing statistic for anyone that got this far and assumed that the findings of the survey mean the odds are good that they might get lucky using social media - only six percent of the ladies asked said they use Facebook to "hook up."

Photo by See-ming Lee on Flickr. Used under Creative Commons License.

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Nice article, May be they easily stick with new people whom they find facebook.

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hehe, yes, you are right, I found that.

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ha ha ah.......
Nice article, thanks for a wonderful article. Yes you are right the Ladies Love facebook for playing games. facebook have a very unique and nice feature.

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