Okay! Social Media is this century's hype. What do you prefer the most when it comes to promotion of your site, blog or business? Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter? Do you keep a single profile for yourself and your business or you go with creating separate identities? Have you ever tried to find out which one is working better for you? and your business?

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Facebook, Google+ and twitter all three are best social networking sites. But for me Facebook transfers lot of traffic towards our website.

I agree with ClickSSL These three ar good social bookmarking sites to increase the PR of the targeted site.

All there have advantages and disadvantages. These three social networks address different kind of crowds. It's a good idea to maintain some sort of presence in all these social networks. However if you are pressed for time and can focus on only one Facebook tend to bring in more qualified leads. This can vary by your product, service and niche. So it is always a good idea to test it out and see.

creating separate identities

We can use three of them to promote our site. Of course, create a main account and many separate identities will be a good choice.

These days it is bettter to use all three. It may take some extra time but the return on the value for using multiple platforms for social media is greater than the input.

You can't evaluate these social media sites because all these sites have their own importance and help you lot in your business to get good traffic as well as in social promotion.

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