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We are a small recycling company based in Ireland and we provide recyclign services to commercial customers in Ireland. People keeping telling me that twitter and facebook are the best means to promote our business but I don't think they are because any twitter followers I ever get are always in a different country and only my friends follow us on facebook.

Maybe someone with expert social networking marketing on the best approach if at to utilise twitter and facebook to promote our brand


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Yeah... Facebook and Twitter both are really good social networking websites having millions of visitors. To promote your business through these websites you must increase your followers.

I think Facebook and Twitter are the most effective marketing tools for small business.Because millions of people visit both website daily so if you want to promote your product or service, Facebook and Twitter can play an important role.

Just think about who are your customers and are they using Twitter or Facebook.

I think facebook is more effective than twitter.
And if publish your ads with good choices you will find new costumers.

do the decision makers in other businesses use facebook and twitter, if so, how do you search companies by industry and country in twitter and facebook is there any special software that can do this

Dont knw much about twitter but Facebook WoW it really help you if you are a small businessman... and want to promote your business over web..

Of course, There will be no -investment to get exposure on facebook and twitter. Great tools to stick with for small business promotions.

YES, of course it is number of the follower in twitter and Facebook will increase your visitor,i will recommend you to work with forum and blog posting.i am sure it will work to get more business.

Facebook and Twitter are communication tools and whenever there is communication there is potential for marketing :-). As a small business you can definitely use Facebook and Twitter to market your business but it depends on how you formulate your strategy and what sort of audience you want to target.

The best way to approach different people on Facebook and Twitter is to participate in the ongoing discussions but make sure you add value to the conversation rather than seeming spammy.

I think facebook and twitter is most important tools for marketing their products. They are great social media sites to promote and discuss about their products with the peoples. You can also use a option of share link which enable you to attach a link of a website. Also you can upload the videos for advertisement.

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Hello there

There is two different benefits for you to promote your services on social networking channels like facebook and Twitter firstly Creation of Brand Awareness and generate traffic to your website, secondly generate sales.

You first objective will be meet regardless which geographic location your followers are in but to meet the second objective you have to build local follower base, It can take a while but you should consider to stick there and keep sharing your contents and trust me this will eventually paid off.

Facebook and Twitter are the best to give information to everyone and have great results.

You said that only your friends follow you on Facebook. Well,you can ask them to reccomend you to their fb friends and so you'll end up having a bigger online community to promote your services to.

yes its also beneficial to all size of business.

Yes, both Twitter and Facebook are effective marketing tools for small business. Here, users can communicate with each other or share their thoughts through small good content. Also, small businesses can provide information relating to their products and services to more and more visitors and have great profits.

Not Only Effective dude that can be very fruitful if you u use it well for small businesses...

i also agree facbook and twitter most effective sites for networking

Yeah both social media sites play an important role for the promotion of small business. However i personally think that LinkedIn is more effective than these two.

Both of the two social networking sites are much familiar for the business earning because of the user's and moreover you can use this for web promotion in SEO way as for traffic because search engine will consider all those links.

I am using both for targeted marketing and i think both are right place for targeted marketing

Facebook has provided family businesses fantastic trade and promotion for very little money. We use twitter and fb - Fb trade and interest has been far superior.

Hope this helps. I wish you all the best with your venure

yes, twitter and face book is an effective marketing tools for business and its also provide a great exposure for any type of business with less efforts.

they are useful for marketing, but you also have to consider your industry. because you are a recycling company, i don't know how much hype you can create on facebook unless your promote a cause or create a recycling event. set up accounts, but i wouldn't necessarily recommend relying on only those.

look into other networking sites as well, like linkedin or fastpitch networking so you can engage with other people within your industry or looking for your services.

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Yes, Facebook and twitter are great social media websites. These websites helps us to promote business world wide. We can increase traffic on our website through these networking sites.

Obviously, both are they effective marketing tool for a small business because Facebook and twitter are most famous networking sites which are used by almost all peoples in the world. So that anybody can easily promote their business or increase their visitor for their products. I think in present Facebook and twitter are very important tool of marketing for small business.

Great answers guys... ;)

Just to add something... 3-4 months ago both google and bing declared that they do take into account social signal so it's great from the costumer point of view and also from an Seo point of view...

I have a client of mine which i have teaches to add he's clients to Facebook and now they chat with him when they need a service.. Now days he leave he's Facebook open all day long - it's good for business :)

Cheers, sagive

Facebook and Twitter are really useful for promoting business. I heard about few companies that are doing business purely on the basis of social media marketing and they are doing well.

I think that Twitter is now outdated or better if we wanna say than overspammed. According to survey, 75% tweets on the twitter goes unread and from remainings 90% are covered up by the celebrities. So I wouldn't personally like to prefer twitter. But when it comes up to the facebook than I would like to suggest you to create a Fanpage on it and than refer it to your friends and also ask them to refer to their friends, also do same with the clients. Hope you'll get success very soon.

Both these websites are excellent tools. Build your own Fan Page on Facebook which also includes your company logo and it will easily build a fan base for you.

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