BEFORE YOU SAY ANYTHING, Let me tell you that I am just asking if there is someone caught from stealing a web template OR someone caught using an Pirated/Unlicensed Template. I have no Intention of Stealing a Web Template or any kind of malicious act like this.

Thank you! :D

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On DaniWeb???? Probably not. Our members would not do anything like that.

No, not specifically on DW.


I've only had the pleasure to write a bit of custom code and got paid for it the once, so don't quote me as being the be-all and end all on the matter.

The point is, it took me a lot of hard work to get that bit of code working just right. The code was bespoke to a particular application, so someone stealing it wasn't much of a concern.

But I'm recently considering doing a bit of free lance web design to tide me over. If someone bought said template then went off pirating it, it would seriously tick me off.

It doesn't cost much to buy, and pirating seriously undermines all the hard work of all those programmers out there. These guys have to put food on the table. Pirating is tantamount to stealing.

Afford these guys some respect.

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