I just bought 2 new games - EYE, which I recently started playing and am enjoying a great deal and the latest Deus Ex, which is the first game I paid full price for in years. I pre-ordered it months ago and then forgot about it. I generally only play one game at a time (I get really wrapped up in the game universe AND the differing game controls).

The games seem pretty similar:
Both are shooters

EYE has psychic and body enhancements along with research and a wide range of weapons to choose from

Deus Ex is a prequel to the previous games and seems to offer similar options - I have not opened it yet. The game just arrived and we have a dinner date at another couple's home to see pictures of their trip to Paris. We went to Paris a couple years ago so we will be comparing notes. I don't dare install Deus Ex until we get back!!

I know I should be looking forward to this visit if for no other reason than to get IRL - we have been pretty virtual for a couple months now. But... I really want.... Sigh.

Well, my computer answered for me -- I can't play it until I get a faster/better computer. Now all I need is a job, er... a job that I am not furloughed from.

As fan of Deus Ex I must to admit that this game is so awesome!!

I know! I can get as far as the original attack on the lab before my computer can no longer handle it and crashes.

So I have been playing E.Y.E. to pass the time until I get back to work so I can afford an upgrade. Not sure if I will build my new machine or buy a stock model. My last 2 machines I built myself but....

My laptop can handle with DE HR)))
Is it worth playing E.Y.E.? Is this game really good?

I think E.Ψ.E is definitely worth it; it has on-line play (through Steam); playability, you have a range of weapons to choose from. As you advance your stats you get access to more advanced weapons; there is research that ups your stats or provides upgrades or opens up more research. There are people and machines to hack using your excellent haxor skills (if you fail, they could hack you! - it is your hacking vs theirs). You develop mental skills which is why it is called a game of cybermancy. You can buy upgrades. It is a first person shooter but has Diablo aspects to it. I bought it when Steam offered it as a item of the week sale. I don't want to give anything away because it is dark and confusing and you wake up from a dream (often) - all you know is that you are back from an assignment and some of your memories are missing. Is your commander the bad guy? Or your mentor? Or is it your entire organization? Might be the Feds? The looters are definitely the bad guys, aren't they?

Sounds pretty cool to me)Thanks, mate! Now I know that this game is worth playing.
Now it's time to accumulate some money and buy this game)

Both games are really good and interesting.