Hi, I am currently a student and in a few weeks I will be interning as a QA analyst at a software company. This is actually going to be my first job, and I am a little bit nervous because I really don't know what to expect. Also, I have studied programming in Java and C++ for only about a year. Does anyone know what the work will be like? Easy/Hard? Should I be reading a few things to prepare?
Thank you

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One thing you can be sure to expect is that you will be given instructions, and probably teamed with a "mentor" to guide you. As an intern, you aren't expected to be as proficient or knowledgeable as an experienced professional. The purpose of an internship is to introduce you to how some of the things you are learning in school are applied in the "real world". So, just be ready to ask lots of questions, don't be shy.

Good luck!

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