can anyone actually tell me what the point is of using VMWare, and which version I should use if I want to run Ubuntu and MAC OS Lion?

Also, if I wanted 2, could I use it 2 practice Network Security between the running OS's?? - obviously this is gonna be my 1st time on VMWare so please excuse any daft questions...

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VMWare is a virtual machine that gives you the ability to run more than one operating system on your machine. All you need is to make sure you have enough disk space to accommodate the number of Operating Systems you want to run and also have the memory for speed.

If you are running a 64bit host OS, and have plenty of RAM, that is going to help you have a better experience running the VMs. Yes, you can have the different VMs participate on the same virtual network, different private networks, host only networks, and on the bridged network with the host system.

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