Hello - I hoping someone else has experienced this problem before with upgrading from the factory installed W' XP Home to Professional on a Compay Presario, Pentium 4 PC.

About a year and 1/2 ago, I purchased the Compaq which came loaded with W' XP Home. I upgraded it to XP Pro SP1. At some point, I noticed I had lost sound capability, Windows sound, CD and video sound. Not sure if it was simultaneous with the upgrade since I was too busy using the PC for other things to bother with fixing it when it was first noticed.

However, I began trying to fix it this week, using the Windows Troubleshooter to no avail. I also called Microsoft who couldn't help and referred me to HP/Compaq. HP indicated they couldn't help because they don't support any of their PC's if the OS has been changed! Further, the HP rep indicated that the only way I could get sound back was to revert to XP Home as the sound card is located on the motherboard and it just won't work with XP Pro (what a bunch of BS).

The sound card is a RealTek AC'97 and I deleted the driver and downloaded the latest driver from the RealTek web site. No change. The Device Manager indicates that the driver is installed and working properly, however, it also indicates that there are no playback devices, no recording devices and no MIDI devices.

Anyone had a similar problem?



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Hi docjump - welcome to DaniWeb! This forum is for introductions. If you want help with a technical problem, you will want to post in the forum that best fits your situation. Yours sounds like a Microsoft Windows XP problem, so you would post here:

Forum Index > Tech Talk > Microsoft Windows then WinXP subforum

Good luck learning how to maneuver around the site - it's actually pretty simple once you get the hang of it. Hope you get your problem figured out - I'm sure someone here knows how to help! ~kAtH

FYI - my friend had a similar problem trying to upgrade his HP machine - he ended up ordering the recovery discs from HP, so he could revert back to the Home edition. Let me know when you get a solution and I will pass it on to my buddy. Thanks!

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