With great search hits from google, the internet has led me here to your great web site. As scary as it must be for you, I am now a member here. I am a mac fan in process of changing over from an older power computing mac clone with memory and hard drives hanging out every port.... to a mac mini that looks like it's entire box is a hard drive enclosure.

I will be asking lots of dumb questions about OS X since I have been living on 8.6 a long time. I have new video ipods and a cd burner and dvd burner and have never even so much as burned a cd. My 300 pounds of cables and drives being replaced with a few wireless boxes that look like a moden art display makes me a bit uneasy... I guess I can convert my old flat bed scanner into a tanning bed for my daughter... and build a dial-up internet machine out of the hulk of my older system.

I am a design engineer that deals with RF radiation along with motors / AC power / gensets .... transmitters and the transition of current television from analog to digital ( cause digital must be better ? ). I love to go boating , and live on a river. All summer I wake up and have my coffee on a pontoon boat or inboard V8 malibu skiboat running 42 mph several feet from concrete bridge supports ... I get shot at in my job every now and then, but learning OS X scares me a lot more.

Change your password / hide your daughter / double check your firewall / lock your tool box ... quantico is here

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Hi Quantico! Welcome to DaniWeb :) I promise you that you'll love your new mac ... and OS X. What I love about the operating system is it combines the best of Windows (nice GUI, powerful apps such as Adobe Photoshop, MS Office) with the best of *nix (CLI, very configurable and hackable) Enjoy and the best of luck!


Hi Quantico! Welcome to DaniWeb :) I promise you that you'll love your new mac ... and OS X. Enjoy and the best of luck!

Thanks very much... I have everything waiting around except a new external drive and the mini... I can't wait to give it a try soon. I will be posting on my old machine until I get new earthlink software for my cable modem... I can't wait to get rid of my huge mother of all sony monitors and start to hate the wierd look of an LCD display !!! . I love that you have your picture on your user template... I would love to do that too... oh wait , in the witness protection program they might suggest something else.....


At the top of the page click on Control Panel. Then, click the "Edit Avatar" link for the picture to appear next to your username in your posts. Click the "Edit Profile Picture" link for the picture that appears in your member profile.

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