HI I AM SAMEEL. DOING MY MBA IN LIVERPOOL UK. I AM FROM KERALA ,INDIA. I AM FACING A PROBLEM WITH LOGIN TO MY YAHOO ACCOUNT. CAN ANY ONE HELP ME OUT?.i cant login to my e mail account sameelkp@yaho.co.in from last two days. when i am loging in it
showing password incorrect. but i didnt change my password. i checked whether the capslock on or not and every thing they ask me to do. i tried password recovery but the message "for your protection your accout temprory
disabled". so i cant even log in. i dont remember the answer for the secret question as account has been created 6 years before. I AM USING A NEW ACCOUNT NOW (sameel_r@yahooooo.co.in), BUT MY ALL CONTACTS IS IN THE OLD ONE AND I AM WAITING FOR SOME IMPORTENT MAILS TO COME, I AM SO MUCH DISAPPOINTED. will any one help me by giving me a solution here or sending me a mail personnally plzzzz

Welcome to DaniWeb

For starters you need to learn how to spell Yahoo.

Secondly. Yahoo has a security feature that after so many attempted logins it locks the account for anywhere from 48 to 72 hours. Repeated attempts only further the time period.

Wait til the end of the week and then try to login.

Also this isn't really the area for posting problems. Keep that in mind next time before you post :)