Some background:

I use for browsers: IE 6.0, Firefox 1.0.5
Messenger: 7.0 (MSN) AOL I don't know the version but suspect it's the latest
Win XP SP2

If any addition stats would help let me know

My problem is logging in to Hotmail.

I try to login with MSN Messenger this only wants me to type 8 characters. I do that and then it asks me for my email and then password. I type in this information than again it asks me for to type in a code in which I proceed to type it yet again. Then again it asks me for my email and password. This code is actually "Match the characters in the picture"

The same problem happens when I try to login with Firefox, and IE

I have tried numerous Microsoft sites but what a surprise they didn't help.

If anyone could point me in the direction that could solve this problem I would be most greatful. I have been running my mind about this. I need to get into my mail and it's so aggitating

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Help me Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I too have the same problem accessing Hotmail. When I type in my username and password to login, it asks for a code verification (i.e, matching the characters on display). When I do that it asks for my username and password and again this code verification. It goes on like never allows me to log in. I'm really fed up of using this Hotmail. me solve this issue.

Right, if your using Zone Alarm then you will need to go to Zone Alarm > Privacy > Cookie Control > Custom > and untick block 3rd party cookies.

Once you have matched the characters and are in your email account, you can re-tick this option.



And ensure youve got cookies enabled.

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