Ok so basically I'm wondering about true crypt . I want to know about the good the bad and the dam right nasty. Any horror stories, say with drives getting corrupted, unable to access your own data when you know your password , when you don't know your password. When you have accidentally changed something and messed it up, or alternatively when everything works perfectly.

Basically I want to know is it good, is it bad and more importantly why?

PS: Oh and I want to know if this is compatible with cloud services e.g. Sugarsync


Oh and i'm a new member if you didn't know

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TrueCrypt works on a drive (HD, USB, floppy), so I doubt it will work with a service (since you have to run/install it). Personally, I never had any problems with it. If your drive becomes corrupted, then yes, it may happen that you lose the data, but that's why they invented backup software. What did happen to me once, is that I forgot my password. There is no way for recovery if that happens. In my case, since it contains sensitive files, I'd rather lose them completely, then lose them to someone.

Truecrypt doesn't change the backup equation, just some constants in the equation.

The software itself works fine, as far as I can tell, and it's as convenient as conceivably possible.

If by "cloud services" you're referring to networked drives that live in the cloud, it should be compatible with those, in the worst case you can have a TrueCrypt volume stored in a file (unless it's assuming it could access direct i/o on the storage device).

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