What day is it? Okay so its not Sunday but theres a valid reason... I decided not to put my time an hour forward to BST and got trapped in a strange world where garbage men collect the past and also bumped into gomez from the Adams family...

Bonus point if you remember what that was from! Hope all you mothers had a grand mothersday... and to those who have just got *shit it was mothersday?* then yer better get your sorry ass to interflora.

Heres the updated league!


The answers to last weeks questions:

1. DJ Shadow! No got that - it was too hard but highfive for the people who said UNKLE and Zack de la Rocha - you were close, DJ Shadow has collaberated with both on "The March of Death" and "The Knock". Also to those who said Queen.

2. The Isle of Man

3. Rod Stewart (Estimated 3.5million people in Rio) as Chris said - only three people turned up for the concert the rest wanted to see what everyone else was looking at.

4. Black Sabbath.

5. Bob Dylan, Jeff Lynne, Tom Petty, Roy Orbison and George Harrison.

And to this weeks questions:

1. This weeks Cryptic: Name this artist: Charlene Robinson *That needs to be said in an Aussie accent*
2. The Libertines have evolved into two new bands - name them.
3. Name two flims which John Williams has written music for.
4. "My lifestyle determines my deathstyle" is a lyric by which band?
5. Dave Ghrol wrote and played all instruments for which Foo Fighters Album?

Boo Ya! Remember theres still time to join or get your mates to join. More importantly if you want to score points it helps if answer the questions...
no I don't give extra points for sexual favours.

Cheers Scruff

p.s Go Server_Crash!!

no I don't give extra points for sexual favours.

I had a really dirty comment for that, but it was a bit over the line so I'll leave it out to avoid a ban :cheesy:

p.s Go Server_Crash!!

I got numero 4. It's tupac.

Lol! It didn't involve your red eyed cat by anychance?