Computer: Toshiba Satellite A45-S151
Sound Card: SoundMax integrated digital audio
OS: Windows 2000 Pro SP4
Driver: DirectX9, SoundMax drivers v

Sometimes during the playing of music, the sound raises in pitch or begins to clip. This happens at random times, but is more frequent as I am running another program, such as a browser. This problem has always existed. What can I do to resolve the issue of distorted sound?

Thanks to anyone who can help me with this.

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My suggestion would be to install a good sound card in your computer and disable the unboard Sound ,if that is not possiable ,make sure you have the latest drivers for you intergrated sound chip .

you might need more ram, or buffer length/space. i use a number of audio programs and if i dont set the buffer length long enough the audio signal gets distorted in nearly all of them

what player do you play your music with?

Hmmm, increase buffer idea. I use VLC player. I will check to see if there is a way to increase buffer length in VLC, unless I have to do it somewhere else.

Thanks for the suggestions! I will get back to you if it works.

Okay, I didn't see any setting to increase buffer length in VLC (unless I missed something), but I did see a setting to increase it's priority. That reduced the amount of times the problem occurs, but didn't totally eliminate it.

its a ram issue then. how much ram do you have?

did you try closing other programs that were running at the time?

512MB of RAM, 2.8GHz P4 processor.

did you try what caperjack said?

cuz im out of ideas. how bout a hijackthis log?

Installing a new Sound Card is not possible, unless it is USB. I have a laptop. Sorry, thought you might have guessed that since I provided the make and model of my computer. To be honest, I would really rather not get a USB Sound Card. Be kinda lame to have a sleak laptop with this bulging USB SC coming out of it.

That increasing buffer idea might work, but again I don't know how to do it? Maybe go to the control panel, device properties and increase the memory for the device or IRQ? (something I also have never done before)

MMMM, that PCMCIA SC is nice. Its just that... I don't really want to spend any more money. Thanks for the link though, I will consider it an option.

I highly doubt it is speed issues. This laptop is pretty high end and I do run Spybot and ZAP. No evil gremlins here.

I really appreciate you guys taking the time to try and resolve my problem. I'll check out the other forum and see if they have any other suggestions. Thanks again. :D

ARG! The other forum won't let me login bc I use Yahoo as a mail account and they don't accept free accounts. >:( Darnit.

ARG! The other forum won't let me login bc I use Yahoo as a mail account and they don't accept free accounts. >:( Darnit.

I have a shitty legit email address that i use for fourms just like that ,i will signin anf let you know the password ,hangin there while i sign in a little later on .

Woah, that is like...beyond nice man. Thanks

My problem has been resolved, thankfully.

I downloaded AC3 filter and installed it, then installed WinAmp (it really does kick llama butt). Problem solved, I can sit and enjoy my music without clippage and distortion. It even has the settings to increase buffer you were talking about. Oh yeah baby.

This was the only forum from which I gained responses. Thanks guys! Hopefully someone else with the problem will read this and say "hey, I got that problem, maybe I will download that Ac3 and Winamp".

Great to hear you straigntned it out !:)

ok, i am having the same problem, but i just downloaded the Ac3 filter and winamp, but i have no idea how to use the ac3 filter let alone what it sound is still distorted occasionaly just like his was..please help?

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