Does anyone know a place to locate the Mac driver for LaserWriter 4/600 PS? I have searched all over the internet and have come up empty (including and the apple site). Thanks-

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I found the driver at the following url. vbmenu_register("postmenu_24846", true);

If you need drivers in the future I recommend you register with

Hope i helped

Slade :cheesy:

Hi Slade,

Thanks - but I had already been there..thus my angst. links to and the file to download turns out to be only a text document. It is frustrating... You'd think this wouldn't be so hard to find. But I appreciate your suggestion!


Found another file at, hope this helps, I know what a pain it is to have to go looking for drivers.

Thanks for putting up with my ill suggestions heh,



Which Mac OS are you looking to add the printer to? Are you looking for an OS 9 or an OS X driver?

The Laserwriter Pro 4/600 PS is a Postscript printer, and you would be able to use other Postscript drivers such as the HP 4 series drivers, or perhaps the HP 5. Other Generic postscript drivers should be usable too. According to Mactracker, the printer was released in 1995, so any of the generic postscript drivers should work just fine. I do not see any special options with the printer, such as a duplexor engine, or post-processing options (stapler), so you should be all set.

Let me know if you need OS 9 drivers.... I know I have that one around.


I know you have posted this article quite some time ago, but thought that maybe someone else out there might appreciate knowing how to solve this problem. You see, I was having this problem myself and found there was a few simple steps necessary to resolve this issue.

This post is relevant to people using Mac OS system 7.6.1 to 9.2.2. I have tested this on machines running Mac OS 7.6.1, 8.6 and 9.2.2. Any version of OSX, I do not know myself.

You need one of two software components: a.) Laserwriter 8.5.1 install image (from OR b.) Laserwriter 8.6.x (any version of this 8.6 software will work.)

1st, install the Laserwriter software if you are running OS 8.1 or later.
1.) Install the laserwriter 8 software from one of the install images I have just mentioned above onto a volume RUNNING SYSTEM 8.1 - 9.2.2. (Restart after installing.)
2.) On THAT drive, open the System Folder and go into the Extensions folder.
3.) Find the "Laserwriter 8" extension and a folder called "Printer Descriptions".
4.) Copy the Laserwriter 8 extensions and Printer Descriptions folder... (either from over the network, from a partitioned hard drive, or by being copied to another disk such as a floppy or CD-ROM)
5.) Copy these onto the SYSTEM 8.0 or SYSTEM 7 machine and drag them into the Extensions folder of THAT system/computer. (Restart the computer.)
*For some reason that is beyond my comprehensive grasp, Apple has ceased support for a driver that supports this printer under versions of system software prior to OS 8.1. Believe me, I had to figure this out ON MY OWN, and IT WAS FRUSTRATING!! :sad:
2nd, you must have open transport version 1.1.1 or later installed.
3rd, IN THE APPLETALK CONTROL PANEL, you must have the "connect via" tab set to "printer port."
*This was the hardest thing for me to figure out. Nowhere does the manual or otherwise mention that this printer utilizes an Appletalk printing protocol. So, contrary to other people's posts; the PRINTER DOES NOT USE AN "HP Printing Protocol" Under the Mac OS, sorry PC guys that were trying to be helpful.
4.) Close the Appletalk window and hit "Save."
:!:Note that this might (and most likely WILL) disrupt any and all network activity on the computer you are doing this at once you hit "Save."
5.) Open the Chooser and click on "Laserwriter" or on some machines will appear "Laserwriter 8."
6.) It will prompt for you to choose a Postscript printer. At this point, your printer should appear. If not, you have either done something wrong, or your computer does not support this printer, or you have installed something that conflicts with the laserwriter 8 extension, or the printer's internal RAM itself may need to be reset.
:idea: You can reset the printer's RAM by going into the "Apple Desktop Printer Utility" (usually in the Apple Extras(; Printing) Folder.
:idea:Also keep in mind, and I know you may hate to hear this; but MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE CABLE PLUGGED INTO THE PRINTER PORT AND NOT THE MODEM PORT. Don't laugh guys, because I did it, and that was the biggest part of my trouble. Also worth mentioning, (again, DON'T LAUGH;) make sure the printer is plugged into the electrical outlet and that there isn't anything wrong with the printer that would keep the computer from recognizing it.:!:

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