Not sure if this is the right section ... but is seemed the most appropriate for this topic.

I need a video script that trims a video.
Example: I have a video that has 3 minutes. I need the script to trim and save from the original video as many video as it can with the length of: 2.59,2.58,2.57, etc
But I want this feature to be automatically. So I upload the file or select the file and after work is done I see 100 video saved.

Also a good option would be that I could set up the time but it's not a must.

If the script could work on a server and do what I asked ... that's the one I need.

Let me know if you know a script like this or you can make one like this.

If you can't find what you are looking for you might try VirtualDub. You might be able to cobble something together with that and AutoIt. AutoIt can be scripted using either its own scripting interface, or instantiated in vbScript/VB/etc. and controlled via AutoItX methods & properties.

Caveat - if you are picking random places as a starting point for extracting clips, remember to moveto either the previous or next keyframe. If you pick a point between two keyframes, the first bit of video will be garbled.