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I have a Samsung 32 inch HDTV I like to use as a monitor. When I plug in the hdmi cable directly into the motherboard, I can see the video without a problem. When I try to download the video card's driver however, both with the cd, and trying manual installation, I get the error "The graphics driver could not find compatable graphics hardware." I opened up my pc and realize that the video card is not getting power from the 6-unit pci connection to the power supply. After plugging that into the video card, and making sure the video card is well in place, I try starting up the computer. The computer starts, but I do not get any video when I plug it into the motherboard, or the video card. When I remove the power to the video card via the pci cable, I can see video using the hdmi cable, but only when it is connected to the motherboard. Please help me, why is it that I cannot see anything when the video card is powered by the pci cable?

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is it an agp card or pci express?


reseat your card ... and go in bios select GPU at pcie , save , boot and then plug cable to your card

Do you have been check it your driver version and compatibility?

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