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I was wondering if anyone knows of (or has created) some type of software that could synchronise video between two remote computers (not on LAN). My internet speed is too slow to stream the actual video file, so is there some way of simply streaming the position of the movie to the other computer. I hope I'm being clear enough :P
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to me no you are not being clear enough ,are the 2 computers in the same location

some way of simply streaming the position of the movie to the other computer

so what is the position of the movie ,position doesn't seem like the correct word to be using ,maybe "location" is a better word to describe it .
unless the 2 computer are on the same network the internet is the only way I know of to stream from one computer to another ove a long distance

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What I mean, is for example, there are two computers in different cities with the same movie file on their hard drives. Is it possible to have 1 computer as the server, which sends how far into the movie it is at, to the other computer, which recieves that data, and sets it's position in the movie to the same place as the 1st computer. Thanks


wow sounds complacated ,I cant answer that ,because im thinking no,but then again anything is possible I guess ,sounds like a question for a Programing expert ,an im not one ,look up the top see SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT as you question in there ,

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