I just learned about the death of Andy Griffith and it was like loosing an old close friend. May he RIP.

Yup, I tweeted about it yesterday. We wouldn't have Ron Howard without him ;) Everyone seems to be talking about Matlock but I never saw that show. I remember him as Sheriff Taylor.

Matlock was one of my favorite shows, right up there with Diagnosis of Murder and Perry Mason.

Matlock was way better than Diagnosis Murder and Perry Mason. looks like all the "good ole'" actors are dying. all those who made series worth watching ...
at least they still can be found on DVD, love the memories it brings back :)

The character of Matlock was partly based on James Stewart's character in Anatomy of a Murder. I grew up on the Andy Griffith Show. The last thing I recall seeing him in was a 2007 movie, The Waitress.