Well, superhero movies are fantasy, after all. I don't expect reality from either Star Wars or Iiron Man. An related entertaining read is "The Science of Superheroes" by Gresh & Weinberg.

@Mike, what did you think of Contact?

@Mike, what did you think of Contact?

It was a good movie, but nothing more. I have always had mixed feelings about it. I never could stand the sobby ending and all that wishy-washy obnoxious preachy stuff. The movie has its moments and cool concepts, but the preachy stuff is just too forced.

But if you are talking about scientific accuracy, I don't care much when it's a sci-fi movie that isn't really trying to fit with reality. As long as it is a positive / respectful / realistic depiction of scientists and engineers, I'm happy. A good example of that is Star Trek, as per this essay.
But Contact wasn't very positive in its depiction of science or scientists, in fact, quite disrespectful (and clearly written from an outsider's perspective), and that's another problem I have with that movie. The portrayal of the main scientists is extremely unrealistic and stereotypical. I think that was really the worst part of it. It felt like the writers had no clue about this world, nor did they have any interest to find out about it, they just wrote it to fit their pre-conceived notions and the Hollywood stereotypes. I know that Carl Sagan wrote the book it's based on (and I have not read it), so, I would assume that the screenplay + directing is most to blaim for this particular problem.

Come to think of it, I probably didn't like that movie that much after all. It's not part of the movies that I like to watch again, and if it's on TV, there's a chance I'll watch it, if there's really nothing else on.

I have the same problem with 'superhero' movies... ;)

Huh... diafol, are you saying you're a superhero? ... Awesome!

If you have Contact on DVD there is a scene that bears rewatching. It's a flashback to the daughter's childhood. There is a shot that follows the daughter up the stairs as she runs to the medicine cabinet to get her father's pills. The camera follows her up until you see that the shot is actually a reflection in the mirror. It's subtle and probably didn't register as a "holy sh!t, how did they do that?" special effect.

Fast and Furious 6 -- good movie with lots of car races and other action.

I watched Last Vegas the other day and thought it was really funny.

I also watched Bad Grampa, which had me damn near peeing myself in spots. <<It's stupid humour but I loved it.

While this is not a movie, I just finished season 2 of House of Cards with Kevin Spacey. What a disgustingly great series. Spacey is a great actor, I've always like hime.

I watched an older move called Source Code. The concept was interesting but the endinig sucked. I can't say why without spoiling.

I have to agree with you guys on the movie 'Contact.'

It is one of those sci-fi movies that isn't well known but completely under-rated and in my opinion ranks with some of the all time greats.

I loved how they did it, and the whole prime number bleeps from outer space... I was hooked at that point. The 'Airy fairy' ending may be quite OTT, especially if you're an atheist, but I love those type of movies . . . and when Jodie Foster (who plays an awesome role in Silence of the Lambs- another great movie) gets a chance to meet with her deceased father made it for me. It's like saying their is some purpose to life . . . We're not just a random string of coincidences. . . although the pragmatists amongst us will argue otherwise.

Similarily, another great movie which got bum reviews was 'Signs' by M Knight Shyamalan, I especially love his movies and that had a similar theme which reveals itself at the end.

I've just been to seen Gravity in 3D and it was one of the best movies I've seen in the last five years at least. So that is saying something. Without giving anything away, it is one of those movies that makes you want to grab life by the balls, or as I like to put it:

Carpe the mother ducking Diem :)

commented: The book was even better. +0

Signs was abyssmal. Aliens to whom water is like acid come to a planet that is mostly water? And there is water vapor in the air? And it can rain? And humans are mostly water? And they come naked? And they can be defeated by simply closing and locking a wooden door?

@rev I've ordered to book contact on amazon now.

Identity was a fantastic film. Psychological thriller. Also 'Good Will Hunting' not sure if it has already been mentioned.

I'll have to lookup Identity. I'm a John Cusak fan. I've seen Good Will Hunting three times so, yes, I agree.

Similarily, another great movie which got bum reviews was 'Signs' by M Knight Shyamalan, I especially love his movies and that had a similar theme which reveals itself at the end.

I think his early movies were entertaining on the first watch (because of the twist), but that's about it.

The Sixth Sense was definitely good, especially on first watch, but I cannot say that it really "stuck" for me, in the sense that I don't think I've watched it more than once or twice.

Then, I found Unbreakable to be probably M. Night Shyamalan's best movie, it was interesting the whole time, and had a great twist ending.

Then, as for Signs, I wouldn't call it "abyssmal" like RJ, I thought it was entertaining (or intriguing) on the first watch, and thus, not a terrible movie. I remember enjoying it when it came out, and I think a caught it a couple of times on TV, and it was still somewhat enjoyable to watch. But still, it's just a so-so movie. And, yes, in retrospect, there are a lot of plot-holes in it, as RJ pointed out.

As far as all the rest of M. Night Shyamalan's movies go, I haven't paid much attention to them (I don't think I saw any of them). But considering that they got worse and worse reviews, and culminating with The Last Airbender and After Earth, which are both considered as two of the worst movies ever made, I can't say that I'm eager to watch those movies for myself.

Identity was a fantastic film.

I remember seeing that movie (around the time it came out), and I remember it was pretty good, I'll have to look it up again.

Also 'Good Will Hunting' not sure if it has already been mentioned.

Well, yeah, that's a classic. I never get tired of that movie.

I'm a John Cusack fan.

I can't say that I'm a big fan of his, but I did love Being John Malkovich. I love those very weird movies.

I watched Bad Grandpa tonight.
I never thought I'd laugh so much at silly pranks, but was creased over through the whole thing.

I think Sixth Sense and Unbreakable were flukes (the good kind). I stopped watching anything by M. Night Shyamalan after Signs. If you want to see how far he has fallen then watch Devil. While not the director, he did write it. The Nostalgia Critic review was priceless, especially the part where they determine the Devil is involved. It involves jelly, or possibly jam.

My family and I watched Ender's Game. What an incredible movie and story. Incredible.

Have you read the book? I waited until after I saw the movie to read it to avoid spoilers. I thought they did a great job considering the problems associated with translating the book to the screen. When you consider that the book starts when Ender is only six and progresses into his teens, it would have been impossible to film with only one actor playing Ender, and using multiple actors would have hurt the continuity.

I haven't read the book yet no but my son bought it yesterday and finished it yesterday. My wife is reading it now and I'm after her.

@rev I'm a few chapters into 'contact' on my kindle and I have to say it is one hell of a fascinating read. I've even abandoned my current novel - 'stephen Kings - Needful Things' and this is saying something being a diehard King fan.

I've read and enjoyed a lot of SK. I think I've read The Stand three times. I enjoyed Needful Things, especially the movie (I loved Max Von Sydow). I stopped reading him because I found he was padding too much. He'd introduce a character and give thirty pages of back-story, then kill the character horribly. I though it was getting pointless. I found the same with Dean Koontz.

I stopped reading Dean Koontz years ago because of the padding he does with characters. Makes for boring reads in my opinion. My all-time favorite read is the Dark Tower series by SK. I've read the full series 4 times and it never seems to get old or boring to me. Right from the get-go, "The man in black fled across the desert and the Gunslinger followed" - hook, line, and sinker!

The one line from a Stephen King book that always gives me chills is from The Stand. One of the characters (Stu Redman) is in a gully and trying to crawl out. He reaches up and grabs a rock, then loses his footing. The line is "He peeled his fingernails back like decals." Gives me the creeps just typing it.

My favourite Dean Koontz book is "Watchers". I love the idea of an intelligent dog. They made two movie versions of the book. The first starred Corey Haim (1988) and was horribly mangled. The second version from 1990 was even worse.

See how cleverly I got us back on the topic of movies?

As for Dean, I really enjoyed Dark Rivers of the Heart, it's probably my favorite from him.

I thought the movie The Stand was done well in accordance to the book. Of course they had to leave out a fair bit of the rebuilding (fluff and stuff) from the movie but overall it was a good job.

Oh and nice job getting us back on point too RJ!

God, 'The Stand' yeah I somehow managed to read that one cover to cover. Although it took some while because King starts so many threads. There are so many parts in that novel that stand out for me. The eternal struggle between good vs evil, the trashcan man, and the 'Walking dude.' But the best King novel to date has to be 'Dreamcatcher.' I've asked around and the concensus is the same... 'Dreamcatcher. But then I guess it is highly opinion based.

Back on topic... The Shining was a great movie. Haven't read the book.

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The Stand was an awesome book and I agree that the film, although not a "blockbuster", was pretty good.
I'd love to see Koontz' "Odd Thomas" series come to the screen.
Loved "Phantoms" with O'Toole and Schreiber

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters good movie

Mr. Nobody, which is currently on Netflix (in that US at least). I thought this movie was really strange at first, and then I had to stop playing the game I was playing to watch it because it really started to captivate me. It's a bit hard to follow and then at the end you realize why it was. I think it is worth watching.

The last movie i saw was Captain America - Winter Soldier

I saw Guardians of the Galaxy... best movie of the year. hands down. Marvel has dominated this year with 2 awesome films.