Just read that Slashdot and Sourceforget have been sold for $20M. It's actually quite a shame, because they were definitely sold at a loss in my opinion. Those properties were so killer back in the day ... you know, back when a site would go down because it was "slashdotted" and github didn't exist.

The first thing to happen when a popular site gets bought out is either a systematic removal of editors & writers they don't want, or a big change in advertising.

Also - being slashdotted was back in a time when social-media generated content wasn't as weighted as it is now - not to mention the simple fact news aggregaters like Reddit and Digg (not so much now) are the source of that movement, as opposed to editorial "gem" sifting.

I don't think much is going to change, actually. The site has already been sold from its original owner, and was essentially already being run with a focus on making money over the community. The problem is that Geeknet was making more money from ThinkGeek than from their media publications, so they just decided to cut them loose.

Yes i agree with you Slashdot is really a website and sold in loss.