Exactly, i have supporters!

Pamcakes, congrats on your 3rd post :D

Nothing wrong with bunnies, I prefer cats though, cats and pandas. Your bunnies just seem to be in every thread I read :p

Haha... Sorry, I will stop :)

Lol they provide some amusement :D Don't have to stop completely :p

I know, but an admin/mod told me not to do it :(

Need for Speed-Most Wanted...
Age of Empire....

Alladin when I was a kid :P

GTA SA, Counter Strike and Assasins Creed Brotherhood! :D

AC series are awesome :)

I'm really not much of a gamer. Few hold my interest for very long. If it's not The Elder Scrolls (Skyrim lately, obviously) or Civilization then I'm probably not playing it.

I do, however, keep up with the Zelda releases on console. I grew up with that franchise and it holds a special place in my heart.