i want to practise blood relations problems, venn diagrams, series, analogies, puzzle test, decsion making and topics resembling to them. can you suggest me a good book for these topics. they are covered under logical reasoning. please suggest the good book which you have come acrossed. thanks.

imho logical reasoning isn't something you learn from a book.
an easy way would be to look into brainteasers and try solving them.
for instance: one I got one time:

you have a row of gnomes, some of them have red hats, some of them have blue hats (and no, this is not based on Gnomeo and Juliet :P)
they stand one after the other, and they must line up next to each other, walking to a new line one by one. they can't communicate with each other, they don't know what color their own hat has, all they can see is the already formed (new) line.

create an algorithm that makes sure that in the end they stand divided by color, but still in one line.

it's a pretty basic one, but just: find a sollution, once you have one, find a better one, ...

actually in my placaments, apti has first round in which they ask logical reasoning and quantitative and many things like that. so from should i join a coahing for this or do myself ? please help!!

Well, I actually like Boole's original treatise Titled: An Investigation Of The Laws Of Thought On Which Are Founded The Mathematical Theories Of Logic And Probabilities. It was one of those 'lost' works that was considered interesting but of no practical use until someone working on the first computers brought it to prominance (the story is a little more complex that that). As far as I know, I am one of the few techs who have a copy and actually read it. I have been out of tech for about 15 years now; maybe I should re-read it and get back into some sort of tech support position.

There are lot of topics only for one book. I think it's easy to find more books only on one topic that you are seraching.