I have been trying to burn a disc image with a few different programs (cyberlink power 2 go 7, ultra ISO, and magic ISO).
The burning starts up fine, but then I get the same error right away:

Disc burning failed: Logical block address out of range

any ideas? im using an ASUS blu ray reader/DVD writer combo drive.

if anyone has any ideas, please let me know. this is kind of frustrating...

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Defrag your hard drive first, then try burning as a lower speed.

If burning at a slower speed doesn't work, then the image file is probably corrupted. If this is a downloaded file, see if there is a check sum (usually md5 or sha1) you can verify with the image you have. If you generated it, what software did you use? Also, is this a video file, or just data?

Do not try to overburn the disk, there's still 50~60MB unused diskspace on the DVD-R which is to be burn.

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