So yesterday i saw a commercial and i thought it was very well designed. It was a MediFast commercial (i think it was medifast) and it showed a person from before (over weight) and after (went through weight loss program) meeting each other discussing their success in the program.

That commercial and the video game planetside 2 had the best commercials by my opinion. The runners up would be the Windows 8 commercials and Apple commercials.

What are your favorite commercials...?

My all time favorite was the Bridgestone "Reply All" Superbowl 2011 commercial.

I know someone that was screwing around at the office with an email and sent it by mistake. We (the group of us that witnessed it) still laugh about it whenever the story comes up because this person had to do some of the things that were on that video. Lol.

How did i not see that commercial!

Did you see M&M commercial? It gave me quite a chuckle. The one where he dances to "Sexy and You Know it" by LMFAO.

I did that once too, emberrising.

What do you mean by that lol.

The database admin sent an email to everyone about a new antivirus program, the email stated something to the effect that if you want viruses then get this program. My reply was "I don't want it if it contains a virus". I meant to send it only to the db admin, but instead clicked Send All and it went out to about 200 people! Needless-to-say I got a few emails about that blunder :) The db admin wasn't amused.

Oh, i thought you were refering to my comment about the M&M commercial.

But yes, I agree... it sucks to make accidents like that... sometimes they are funny. Somebody should put a verification in the send all button saying "Are you sure you want to send to all".

Oddly enough... i found the commercial amusing...

Anything having to do with "The Most Interesting Man In the World" (Dos Equis Beer), and the Old Spice "I'm on a horse" commercials (don't remember the name of the fellow in them).

the interesting man commercials are actually quite interesting :)

wasn't there one with a dog named buddy? everytime you say his name he gives you a beer.