I am looking for the Intranet solution for 50 users cca and I was wondering what solutions you can suggest me based on your professional exoperience?
What are the benefits and drawbacks of open source vs commercial solutions for Intranet?

Many thanks in advance and best regards!

Comparing the package features and associated support is a great way to start. Here are two examples:



The starkest difference between Commercial and Opensource is usually support. I could write paragraphs on the subject, but I think this site provides a very good and comprehensive explanation on the advantages and disadvantages of both options. Click here.

Have experience and domain knowledge in-house? Use open source.
Don't? Use commercial.

There is a REAL learning curve here, and having the (hopefully) hand-holding provided by a decent commercial organization can be a real help in getting started. Just remember the caveates about vendor lock-in (difficult to change down-stream when you finally think you know what you are doing), on-going support costs (N users x $N per year), etc.

I think Drupal is one the best solution to build an Intranet. I don't know a lot of Intranet solutions but as I work at a French Web and Open source agency (TALCOD), I do know well Drupal. Customers are quite satisfied with the Intranets we build and base on it, so it could be a great technology to suggest you.