hello to everyone,
I am graduating in 2 weeks and I have already started to look for job in IT world. One company call me for an interview. The recruiter wa impressed with my resume because I had worked on diverse project that enhanced my critical thinking and problem solving skills. However, at the end of the interview I was told that if I wanted to success in IT I must have certification!!!! Well some of them are quite costly and i don't really know which one to take I don't feel like paying $8,000 for training just for 2weeks classes.
Can anyone give me some feedback regarding certification? I have a BS in Computer info system

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Hi thx very much iam going to the site right now.

browse through certcities.com

they have tons of information about this stuff.

and no, you don't have to spend thousands of dollars on training. Just grab a book!


What kind of certs are you looking at? Security is the big push right now. The Industry standard certification is called the CISSP. The other area that seems to be hopping is VoIP and you can work with Cisco to get some good certs there.

Not ALL certs require classes - there are some fantastic books out there!

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