Just recently, Yahoo! decided to purchase Summly from a teenager for 30 million (USD). Isn't that crazy? Basically, what the teen (and his crew) designed was an app that summarizes news articles from major new companies.

Speaking of amazing success, what was the greatest success you have had/felt?

For me, the biggest success i have had (this year) was getting into 3 (football, basketball, track) varsity sports as a freshman, but unlike most athletes i managed to maintain straight A's to accelerated classes. For me as a trader, my best success was with netflix, and i purchased it and it basically doubled it's value in a matter of a day (+1 for extra (i believe) 15%). As a programmer (don't laugh, i am still learning!), i created several "dummy" sites that are quite functional. I am now attempting to build a real estate site like zillow.

For me biggest success is when i my code works fine & well everywhere in the world

then you must feel a success every day :)

One of my successes would have to be the time I was employed at Yahoo!. Another success would be when I finally found a different job and I was able to say goodbye to Yahoo! lol.

let me guess, you went to Google?

Nope, although I passed up the job interview at Google because I got offered the job at Yahoo first.

I left Yahoo and went to work for a smaller company that builds Web Analytics solutions.