I was bored today so I started this little experiment... So basically it's a Git repository on GitHub and I want to see what all can happen to it when starting from scratch. All you need to do to contribute is fork the project, do what you need to do and send a pull request. Here's a repo which includes rules and such:
I'm excited to see how much stuff will happen! Feel free to fork it and send it around!!!!
Please read the 'rules'.
I'm very excited! This will hopefully be amazing!!

Hi NardCake, perhaps I'm not up to par with terminology but what's a Git and what does it mean to "fork"?

I'm sorry It was probably wrong to make the assumption most people know what this is. So putting it simply git is a version control system, I suggest you do some research as it is almost impossible to really explain. If you're new to Git I would suggest maybe using the GitHub Windows client or Mac client?
So essentially Forking a project is to copy all of the progress on the main project, to your account which you can make changes to, then if you submit a pull request we can merge your edits with the main project. I hope that helps a little bit. There are probably some here that understand git waay better than me that could help as well.

Thanks for the explanation, I'm just about to Google Git and I'm going to look at the Windows client link you provided.

Yes, I'm very excited to see what Daniweb can create unorganized.

Interesting, yes. But without a specific goal I don't see the point of forking your repo instead of adding stuff to my own (unless improving existing code).

pritaeas it is a social experiment. Anyone can put anything they want on the repo, doesn't even really have to have meaning, I'm just curious to see what will happen. (nothing yet)