just wondering what resolution is better for my xbox 360 if you could put as much information into your replies as you can then that would be great

It depends on the capability of not only your XBox but also what you are using as a display. So, what is the highest your display can handle? This information will be in your documentation or can be found on Google by typing the model number of the Monitor or TV and adding the word 'specification'.

I think the highest resolution a XBox can display at is 1920 x 1080, so if your display can handle that at least then you have your answer. If your display can handle a higher resolution then you can experiment with different combinations of ? x ? to get the best display alignment for your TV or monitor.

Also, and this may not be important if your display is fairly up to date, you may also need to take into account refresh rate and response time if you want to get really technical.