today is "Rakshabandhan". I don't think many of you have heard of this. in this, sisters tie a band type something on their brother's wrist and in return brother gove gifts to them and they pray for long life of each other. we eat sweets and dance and we have party whole day. music, dance, songs everything rocks today. :-) now, it is first festival of festive season. then dushera, then Diwali, Then many many moree in the queue which will come in FIFO order. :) hehe. thanks :-)

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Happy Rakshabandhan!

I am no expert in Rakshabandhan but may I ask, is it only one day? or is it a long term holiday in a way it is like Ramadan (where it is 1 month, some do it a bit longer, like me)

And also, what is the most important holiday in the Hindu Culture? (i am a bit curious, also i am assuming your Hindu).

BTW... it is fun to say "Rakshabandhan" :)

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okay! no it's not a special holiday.it is of only one day. and it means "raksha" means protection and "badhan" means relationships. it is raksha bandhan. it just meant to make relationship of bro and sis more stronger and loving. ;) yes i am hindu and i love this festival alot. :)

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