i know nothing can compare with google adsense but more or less equal to it.

i have 27 websites, recently my adsense account got banned or disabled,

so i was searching for the best adsense alternative but still i cant able to find one.

can any one suggest me an best adsense alternative for indian publisher?

as i mentioned above all my 27 websites are having 90% traffic from india.

i have tried infolinks, chitika, clicksor very low revenue.

i applied for media.net but they are not accepting indian publishers.

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You should try Adsgadget!

Nothing is going to come anywhere near AdSense. Hands down.

Try Tribal Fusion. They're a large ad network that only accepts premium sites, but the founder is Indian and I believe they expanded to have an Indian sales office.

Another network to try is Komli Media. I think they're able to fill Indian inventory.

You might also want to take a stab at going direct and selling in-house. Have you tried filing an appeal with AdSense after making the necessary changes, or was it something like click fraud that got you?

Well that depends. For some small sites, Adsense might not be the best option.

nothing like adsense...it is the best.........try tribal fusion

Adsense is very popular so you must use Adsense for better result, I would say.

Adsense is best ppc. . . but alternative is CHITIKA

if you are not cheating any service then all are alternative. but CPA and chitka are much better then other ...

Adsence is the best at times

There is no option for small business and single blogger except adense. You need to consider it but buy sell ads can be good if you have good traffic. It is only who give competition to adsense.

If your site performs well and you want to try your hand at selling direct, try BuySellAds.com

Use BuySellAds to sell ads directly from your site.

i must say media.net need good traffic and good content. but if you tried already then i suggested you try buysellads else some cpm network they pay good.

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