Post the names of your favorite artist / band and Songs of your favorite artist / band with the same letter as the 1st alphabet of name of The Band or Artist.

My favourite band is "Linkin Park" and the song start with letter "L" is "Lost In The Echo"

Black Sabbath / Black Sabbath

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The Temperance Movement / Take It Back

commented: nice sound :) +0

Matchbox Twenty/Mad Season

commented: M20 - saw them with Bon Jovi in 2001 - really good +0

Scorpions is my most favorite artist.

commented: love the scorpions - "raised on rock" my fave +0
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This week I will be playing mostly "Rival Sons" - couldn't find any song beginning with "R" though :(.

Gonna post another one:
Bon Jovi: Bells of Freedom
@diafol: Nice! I keep forgetting to check when they come to town.

Currently rediscovering my love for Kings of Leon through the Mechanical Bull album, and Don't Matter in particular.

Deathcore. I used to be into Metalcore but have now got onto the death genre more or less the technical & core side of death

Scorpions & Metallica is my favorite band.

aristocrats is my favorite band...
the first letter is a so i would say: austin powers by alex machacek

artist: Santana // song: Smooth

Not a fan of santana, but oh well