When searching my name on google, I noticed personal false information which I would like to delete. I do not have web site and simply want all personal data removed from goodle search. Please help!!!

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Reality: An infinite number of possible people and a finite number of combinations of letters and numbers, means somebody else has the same name as you
be thankful your name is not bill smith
live with it

The incredible egocentric universe you live in: Contact every website in the result list and ask them to delete all reference to anybody with the same name as you.

Yellow pages will probably just think you are a dick, but go ahead

Just incase almostbob is jumping the gun (no offence meant almostbob) and these results are infact about you (Internet trolls and so forth) then you can report the false information to the webmasters. It's a long route to go but totally understandable. I myself had a 15 year old american impersonate me on several forums by using my name and profile avatar - only to try and harm the reputation I had on another forum that was a partner of the forum he trolled on! I had to send a copy of my birth certificate and drivers license to the webmaster who after three weeks of waiting finally deleted the account and all of the false threads.

If this is the case - good luck!

If almostbob is correct and the information is regarding other people who simply have the same name, you have a better chance of world domination. Stop taking it personally. My name is Michael McDonald and there was a singer in the 60's/70's called Michael McDonald (I was actually named after him)... you should see the Google results!


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