does anyone please know what this question mean

computer security - culture or chance??

what does the culture and chance mean, can someone please give me a example, does it have something to do with internet



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Culture: if you spend your time downloading pirated music, movies, and especially software (which in many groups is seen as "kewl") you're far more likely to get infected with all kinds of nasty stuff than when you stay legal.
Same thing: if you are part of the anti-Microsoft crowd (another "kewl" thing to be) and don't trust updates to Windows because you think Microsoft is out to get you, you're almost guaranteed (as you'll also be in the first group of pirates most likely) to get all kinds of nasties.

Then there's chance. It's always possible someone will find an exploit Microsoft hasn't yet found and fixed (rare but it can happen) and then goes out and finds your machine online with an open port somewhere where he can get in.


I would say, that it mean that the common user knows better what to do or not, to awoid any kind of nasties from internet or software.

In another words he knows basic things about computer security for internet and data. This user has less chance to get any nasties from network then common user.

Culture: The thinking about computer. (toy - workstation) (to serve - to help)

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