Today, my Yorkshire Terrier, who I had since the 9th grade, passed away :(


I actually started DaniWeb.com in high school as a photo album all about Sheyna (and my maltese, Mitzi, who I got a year later), and it eventually expanded into a community of yorkie and toy breed dog owners from around the world. I ran the site and grew it through high school.

In college, when I decided to make a community for programmers as a hobby, I didn't want to spend any money and buy a new domain name, so I just decided to recycle the one I already had about my dogs.

Sheyna started it all ...

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Sorry to hear that. My condolences.

I remember when my dog died, it had quite an effect on me. Mine was a golden retriever. I think I was about 7 years old when we got him, so I grew up with him. He was very old, and died in his sleep one day before he was scheduled to be put down.


Sorry Dani :(

I've gone through this as well. It is heart breaking.

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