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I know some HTML and a little Flash and CSS and have put together a simple site www.davidhurn.co.uk using Dreamweaver. But now I'm confused as to what technologies are the most helpful for the optimum website.

If you look at Warren Prasek's portfolio on http://www.wprasek.com/web_design/index.htm you will see that for most of his sites he has used DHTML/CSS/FLASH/ASP//PHP. I don't know if any are all Flash sites but if they are doesn't that mean they won't have optimum search engine capacity? On one of his earlier sites 'Pure Mystic' he outlines the technologies used: HTML-4 table layout with CSS formatting and DHTML elements. Flash 5 and MX interactive applications. PHP/MySQL backend integration for seach results.

So my question is: What technologies as a fledgling website designer/developer should I conctrate on learning and in what order, to enable myself to put together the optimum, in appearance and capacity, website? (Eg: PHP, ASP, Javascript, Flash, CSS, etc)



HTML, CSS, Javascript, Flash, XML, (databases in general / SQL), ASP and/or PHP and/or Perl, XHTML, XSLT, Java and/or C++

That's not exactly the order I've learnt things in; but it is the order at which I've found learning more / using those technologies useful; and I tried to make sure each one in the list was a little more powerful/complicated, and led on from the last in some way.

Perhaps throw JSP in there somewhere =P. I suppose, any other programming language is useful to a degree; the things I've listed aren't the ONLY suitable things for web-based work, but I'd say they're perhaps the most popular.

Good luck; aside from tools it's just time, imagination, dedication, and all that other stuff; to reach wherever 'optimum' is these days =P.

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