I am using Google Chrome

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I'm using Opera 11.10 as it's better than Chrome AND Firefox... In my opinion anyways.

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I use IE when I need to ensure compatability on certain sites. Firefox for general browsing. Chrome for googling things because it seems to be the fastest (but I despise it's favorites/bookmarking).

Uh Firefox. It is beautiful! I give it my un-dying love. lol. Oh also it's a lot better on a Mac in my opinion!

All of them... I'm a web developer... When I'm just browsing, I just use whatever browser is already open, otherwise, I tend toward IE9 or chrome, just because I like the HTML5 stuff... it's new and shiny.

i like to use Googogle chrome ...its really fast and light weight...

GooGogle? never heard of that one... lol. I wanna try out the Chrome OS, but don't have the time or energy to get a hold of it.

I usually use Chrome but I am playing a game where I kinda ehhh... have several accounts and firefox has a really cool feature to make profiles and I can play from different accounts at the same time. So I sometimes use firefox but mostly Chrome

firefox for browsing
GC for reasearch
IE is for nothing......

firefox 4 is cool

IE 9 is hmmmmm :D

IE8 all the way. I've tinkered with google chrome and ff, don't really care for either.

firefox 4 and chrome... great experience working on...

IE8 all the way. I've tinkered with google chrome and ff, don't really care for either.

I just.. lost all respect for you. :sad:

IE? Really? It's a security nightmare, proprietary and slow. Why on Earth would you prefer it? :)

Because I like the menus better, easier to navigate, and I'm accustomed to it :)

I use firefox. I tried swapping to Chrome, but when I found that, in addition to not having an ftp addon, it had issues with PhpMyAdmin as well, plus various other little problems, I soon went back to the fox. The latest version seems to have speeded up a bit, which is welcome, as it had been getting pretty sluggish.

I can't use IE (and wouldn't if I could), because I decided to give up viruses and swap to Linux several years ago. It's faster, has more capability and it's free.

I wanna try one of the Chromebooks, just to see what they're like.

i use firefox as it provide the fastest speed..!!!

safari and IE8

-__- The choice is quite simplistic really. Google Chrome - No comparison.

I use Opera 11.10

Chrome crashes a lot.. IE too slow..

Both google chrome and firefox are good....IE is lame.

I usually use firefox for daliy browsing and google chrome for html5 games.
But since google chrome creates a seperate process for every tab, sometimes the tabs take a long time to load.

Firefox also has a flaw - it's memory leaks....it sometimes uses up to nearly 250 Megs of RAM on my PC!:D

Add a poll in this discussion so we can know how many people are using each browser

Well.. it doesn't matter who uses what, everyone SHOULD be using Google Chrome.

Then why you said that it doesn't matter :)

hmm.. Perhaps i wrote it un clearly and you misunderstood.

I mean.. We don't need to know which internet browser everyone likes or is using. Because in the end there is no comparison and they should all be using Chrome!

You can't say that there is no comparison to google chrome

I kind of can, and I kind of did.

chorme also have some cons

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