I am new in this forum. I have joined this Forum so that I could share my thoughts regarding virus removal or fixing threat. I found this forum quite interesting and hence I joined this forum. The site users are sharing good information; even I would like to share a bit from my knowledge. I am basically from New York, but I need to travel at several places for my business purpose and I also suffer from lots of virus problems in my Laptop. So I can possibly suggest some rescues to other users who suffer from same issues.

Hello and welcome.

Thanks for the warm welcome JorgeM. It's great being here and finding a suitable section for contributing my knowledge and gaining more from other experienced users.

Virus is a common issue for Laptop. I was suffering from short-cut virus. I have tried a lot to get rid of it. I had used many anti-virus software. From my personal experience, I think Microsoft Security Essential and SafeBytes are best.