A couple days ago I found an error log on my desktop (hs_err_pid6028.log), something about a fatal java error and a game called minecraft. I am pretty sure I never installed minecraft.

That got me worried, so I browsed my java control panel and saw that there is no update tab (either in my everyday account or my admin account)

When I tried to update from the java website I got an error 1500 (another installation is in process).

An internet search says that to get the update tab back I have to go into the registry and edit a key. To fix the 1500 error it seems I have to uninstall java and reinstall it.

My security software shows no malware on my machine. I can't trust this because I had a malware before that prevented me from updating anything, including java (that post I have added below as a note). At least right now I can stil update Flash and itunes the last time I checked.

As well, more times than not, as my laptop boots, I get a blinking DOS cursor in the top left corner that seems to continue for around twenty seconds. this has been happening for about three months - the date of the error log I mentioned above.


As well, my itunes movies are out of sync again, which was a symptom of my last java/malware problem.

I don't want to uninstall java and try to install it again and not be able to. I need my machine to work because I am using it as my main job search tool. Also, I can't afford to get it serviced right now. The internet doesn't seem to be giving me proven specific answers

Any other proven remedies, please let me know.

Thanks, Patrick

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Java won't install on my Windows 7

The problem:

Java will not install on my laptop.

My laptop was purchased a little over three and a half months ago. It is an eMachines 440-1394; Windows 7, two Gb RAM, 250 Gb HDD

When I purchased the laptop, I was able to install openOffice (with Java? I am not sure). Apple Safari and iTunes installed fine as well.

Since then, I have not been able to update either Apple software program listed above. Other non essential updates (eg Windows Live Messenger) When I tried to use the database in openOffice, I couldn’t because there was no Java Runtime Environment.

Not sure if these problems are related or not. Anti virus tells me that there is no virus on my machine. Maybe a setting in Windows 7?

Help. I will appreciate your help.

can not install Java (trying 6.22) - error 1606

Apple updates will not install

Cannot update windows live essential (only currently installed programs) - vital windows updates installed, this update isnt vital, but is it related to the above?

I am not too familiar with Emachines but if there is a way to restore to factory defaults i would do that, exspecially with a used computer. Ususally during startup there is a F key to press to get to boot options with one of those boot options being "restore to factory default". Before you do this make sure you backup any pictures or files you need. If there is not that option and you need to do a fresh install i would look into finding a windows iso download equivalent to the CD key somewhere on the laptop ie windows 7 32bit pro or windows 7 64bit home whichever it is. Then do a fresh install of windows, if you go that route usually the only 1 driver you need to install with Windows 7 that is a LAN or WLAN driver then windows update will get most of your drivers. After that it is your PC you know whats on it and what has been installed and removed properly.

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