Hello Community,
I have recently been experiencing extream speed decrees in my internet and general laptop use. I try to load eg. this website to post this and it took just under a minute to fully load. Sometimes for somereason my laptop mouse will freeze up, it will let me use the mouse buttons but will refuse to move, once this happends I need to wait close to 3 minutes (while leaving it alone), also when I attempt to scroll, instead of scrolling, the mouse just moves in the direction I'm wanting to scroll.

I have ran a full virus scan using Trend Micro Titanium Maximum and I've scanned it using McAfee Internet Security and both have come back saying no infections have been found. I don't know what to do, I've only had this laptop for just over a year (maybe 13 or 14 months). I have Googled it and found a few things saying maybe it could be the drivers but they didn't need updating neither did the computer.

My laptop is a HP Pavilion g6 it's running Windows 8.1 (it came with Windows 8 but I upgraded via the Windows Store). I'm not sure if this will make a difference but I am an excessive user, I basically use it every day with what I do. So I'm not sure if I'm over using it but I couldn't imagin.

Could anyone give me advise on fixing this problem besides buying a new laptop (already).

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Don't think that buying a new laptop will be necessary, in the work case you will probably just have to restore your system. Can you give us some more details about ur laptop's performance? Open task manager and do different stuff and check how resources change. Would be pretty much if you could report back - CPU usage, RAM, Network, Disk, etc, could you check it on start up and after maybe an hr after it's been working?

Another thing in the meanwhile, you could check the processes running in the background and check the file names on google whether they have been reported as malicious or not

This is a little more strong handed, but it's simple. Refresh or reset your computer.

I have never created a restore point so my computer back to the start. Plus I'd rather not restore it. I'm not home to use my hard drive to back it up and I don't want to buy one.

I'm not on my computer yet but will be later so I'll have a look through my processes I just hope I can fix it because I'd happy buy a new one, the only thing that would hold me back is the fact that it isn't even that old.

Windows comes with a lot of unneeded cruft and services installed that take up memory, and don't give you much benefit. This ends up causing such performance issues, even if there are no viruses on the system. So, remove or disable all unneeded applications and services and see if that helps. A lean system is a clean system... :-)

Also, many anti-virus applications perform "on-access" scanning, which means that if a file or program is opened, it is scanned for viruses. This causes major performance issues, such as you have experienced.

I have just ran a Malware Bytes scan and I got 0 infected results. I'm not sure what is left to do without refreshing/restoring my computer.

I have looked through my processes and it all looks normal nothing new.

What else is there left for me to do, I will say before I switched to Windows 8.1 it was all good no problems however it still wasn't like this. It started going slow just over a week ago.

Try Linux? Windows 7 was decent. Windows 8+? Not so great. Caveat emptor (buyer beware)...

maybe if you try to difragment the hard drive it can work better

I'll try it

In my experience, a good cleanup of the system helps alot, systems get bogged down over time with temp files web history that isnt needed. running a reliable cleanup utility will clean this and free up valuable hard drive space. There are several of these tools out there so be careful not to download one that is hazardous to your pc's health :) I personally like using ccleaner and other utilities they offer like an excellent defragging tool that gives you interesting informnation about the health of your hard drive.

Good luck Friend..

I've just ran a CCleaner scan and it cleaned up a few things. So I restarted the computer and figured out it actually becomes slow when I use Google Chrome so I've cleared the browser of clutter (eg. cookies, history) as well as disabled all my plugins so it's not runnings too bad but still I have disabled a couple of things so in a minutes I'm going to re-enable my plugins and see what happends. It might even just be one plugin, not sure but I'm hoping it is a least inportant one.

I'll trial it now for a few days and see how it is.

How is ur system performance? CPU/RAM/Disk/Network

Thats good news.
Also, If you go into the settings of Chrome and right at the bottom of the list you can go to advanced settings, in this list there is a reset browser settings. click this and it also resolves many funny issues. If you like you can list the plugins that you have disabled and ill let you know which ones are ok to use.
Good luck

@Slavi I have attached a screen shot of the Taskmanagers Processes tab.

@sekovar The extensions I have are Adblocker Plus, Auto HD For Youtube, Chrome Remote Desktop, Google Docs, Logitech Smooth Scrolling, Postman - REST Client and Trend Micro Toolbar.

Thanks for the list.

The only one that has mixed reviews is the Adblock Plus so Id suggest that this be an extension that can be removed/uninstalled.
If you are still having issues with ads popping up on your browser then Id suggest a different approach to cleaning.

Hope this helps.

Adblocker Plus is one extension I'll never get rid of, those pesky ads especially the YouTube video ads are annoying.

Lets hope its not that extension causing the problem.
Have you done any testing as yet?
Would like to if you had figured out which extension is causing the issue.

I have disabled Auto HD For YouTube and its king of going a little quicker, only a little buyi though. I'm still trying a few things to see what can make it better, sadly I've even started looking for a new laptop. I just don't want to upgrade just yet I might in a few more years.

Out of curiosity though what would you say is a good brand to go with?

If your thinking of getting a new machine what is the harm trying to restore the current one?

Perhaps try restoring this machine as you would have to start from scratch with a new one anyhow.

I don't want to have to move all my stuff off my computer restore it them have to move it back but I know what you're saying, I tend to do this kind of thing a lot but I will say I started having a few minior problems once I upgraded to Windows 8.1, such as when I'm in the start menu and I start typing it takes around 8 seconds for an actual result to appear.

So if I was to do this I would buy Windows 8.1 and do a fresh install.

Fresh install is always better than an upgrade version anyways, But it sounds as if you have purchased an upgrade so unless you want to fork out money on a new version id wait until you decide to purchase a new machine.
Why dont you restore the original software that came with the machine and get it to a suitable level that you are happy with and then decide wether you want to upgrade to 8 or continue with the version 7.
Just remember when you backup your data not to forget contacts, favorites, desktop, downloads, emails and other common folders one normally saves, not to mention any other app installed on c: drive and possibly program files (also program files (x86)) they might contain data thay you dont want to loose.
Good luck and keep us posted :)

My computer is already running Windows 8 but I upgraded to Windows 8.1 but I was saying if I restore my computer I would probably just do a fresh install instead.

Try Bitdefender 2015 maybe that will find something simply as i put it it might be a hidden worm or trojan

Thanks I'll give it a go.

your welcome

Definitely reinstall your operating system. Buy a windows xp or windows 7 cd and see.

Windows 8 has a Refresh feature that resets it back to the original configuration without affecting your files. This has worked for me in the past.

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