Freakin' awesome. Canadian men and women rock it again!

2 gold medals for Canada, and 1 silver for Sweden.... I couldn't be happier!

I don't expect to see as much enthusiasm from our friends down south.

I especially enjoyed watching the beating "your friends down south" got against Finland :D

It was pretty brutal. Once they lost their shot at gold they just seemed to give up.

Once they lost their shot at gold they just seemed to give up

I thought so too, as did many people. How sad is that where if you don't get a chance at gold your mentality is f%^k it!?!

I somehow liked also the way Teemu Selänne and team handled the pronze game. Great finishing game for the most valuable player Teemu, couldn't be more proud.

Yes, I was quite happy for The Finnish Flash too.

I did suck for the Swedish forward who tested positive on Wednesday but was not told until Sunday when it was too late to appeal. The banned substance was pseudoephedrine which is in the allergy medication he had apparently been taking for years.

they really need to relax with all that! If it is for allergies, I can't imagine it is a stimulant, just like pot isn't a stimulant either but yet they nail people for all this crap.

Marijuana is a performance enhancing drug, but only in something like a pie-eating competition.

Lol, yeah that would be about the only competition where you would be enhanced by marijane.

A pie-eating competition would be a nice addition to the olympic zoo.