1) I miss pre-2000 m&ms (With regular milk and NO milkfat)
2) I like Pepsi better than coke most of the time (Depends on me mood)
3) I like talking on my CB
4) I just went out to get a soda (Pepsi)
5) I miss original Hershey bars (With SOYA lecithin)

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3- nervious most of the time
4- I am at work now ..
5- My work pass expired and I need to renew it!
6- Love to be hugged .. Miss momieeeeeeee :cry:

so BRB ..


1. Sam I am.
2. I do not like to eat green eggs and ham.
3. Reading that book was the first time I realized that names were not unique.
4. Reading http://qntm.org/ was the first time I realized that it is possible to find a person who has the same first name, same last name, same major, same interests, the exact same set of attitudes and opinions as you, and even puts fractals in his web design, which is exactly what I did for my site.
5. Read number 4 again. That is really uncanny.


1. I spent 8 years confined to a wheelchair - and learned more about myself, and other people, than the rest of my 42 years put together.

2. My online alter-ego used to be called Wavey Davey.

3. At the age of 13 I was a lecturer and judge for the Federation of British Aquatic Societies.

4. My record for the maximum number of peanut M&M's in my mouth at one time is 53.

5. The last time I had hair, it was pink...


1) Im eating a cookie
2) Im enjoying some Coke
3) I gonna go in za hot tub later.
4) I love 80s music
5) I just got the 2 differences between SOY & SOYA

SOYA LECITHIN (Soya lecithin is refined from soya, it is also one of the necessary fatty elements that the body needs)

SOY LECITHIN (Soy Lecithin is a basic element for the construction of human cells. It is vital for metabolism of cells and life itself.)

Thats why SOY LECITHIN makes hersheys candies taste sweeter and not as good,it is a BASIC ELEMENT,while SOYA is a bit more BULKY and it gives the chocolate a little LESS sweet taste but better taste.

From: http://www.goodoils.com/english/product5.asp


1) I want to get naked and watch a movie.
2) I love women with big......... boo.. I mean brains.
3) I hate slow drivers.
4) I plan on taking over the world.
5) Remember, server crash is cooler than you.


1) I like cream soda.
2) Despite being small and weak, people fear me.
3) I like reading about Japanese history.
4) I have an inch long scar on my leg from when I was 12 and got hit by a spear.
5) I'm hopelessly addicted to Everquest 2.


1. I only listen to one band...nightwish
2. I am in a signed band....
3. I love members on my forum
4. My forum only has 18 members :(
5. I am a gothic creepy man!


Hehe, that's probably the best conversation starter I have. ;) When I was 12, the boy next door was obsessed with weapons. So he pounded a spear out of some scrap metal (a pretty good job, actually), and managed through sheer dumb luck to hit me with it while testing how far he could throw it.

Yes, I lived around people who were very strange. I could tell you quite a few amusing stories about my childhood.


My best friend, and best man at my wedding, was shot in the neck by his step-brother when he was 9 (his brother being 12 at the time).

Apparently he was asked to stand at the bottom of the garden while his brother, who he idolised (and still does by the way), took aim and fired. Luckily, this being the UK some 20 odd years ago, it was only an air-rifle. Having said that the pellet is still lodged in his neck.

The brother, Bear, went on to lead the local chapter of the Hells Angels equivalent in the area. He's actually a very nice chap, albeit a somewhat twisted and worrying one :)


When I was around 10-12, my two brothers and I shot each other with acorns and crab apples through our sling shots. We have a hill so we would play "charge the hill", which was meer suicide. The person at the bottom had to run all the way up the hill while being shot at. I remember blooding my brothers face pretty bad one time.. (not that I feel remorseful).... ahh good times.


I always remember playing 'cowboys and indians' in the street when I was around 8 years old. A whole bunch of us would get involved, the indians using very makeshfit bows and arrows.

Makeshift, but effective. The fun stopped on the day that Earton Osman (I have never forgotten his name although I've not seen him for 34 years) got an arrow in his eye. He lost the eye, replaced in typical UK National Health Service fashion at the time with a glass one of a different colour!

Please don't flame me for political incorrectness - this was 34 years ago when kids over here were innocent and just copied the cowboy and indian movies that were shown at the Saturday morning cinema club...


As a kid, I had this tendency of falling down. Either from a bike, or from the rooftop, or off a bed. Whatever. If anyone in my neighborhood heard a kid crying, they could be pretty sure I had fallen. I still have 3 scars on my head to show for it. Ahhh. Memories.


1.) I watch endless hours of Discovery Science
2.) I love to Cook
3.) I love being naked
4.) I have met my Twin Flame
5.) I believe the Mayans


1. I have an RHCE

2. I've been married 3 years

3. I have a cracked spine and a fractured skull (both occured before the age of 10)

4. I have an IQ of 156

5. I like Final Fantasy XI


1) I had an Associate's degree in Chemical Engineering at the age of 17
2) My sleep schedule is completely off-kilter
3) I'm tone-deaf
4) I'm completely anal about standards-compliant web design & clean URLs.
5) I like cold pizza & pepsi for breakfast too much for my own good


Well mine just simply wont add up to the calibur of the rest of you but here goes anyway:

1. I have got full distinctions on my BTEC National Diploma in ICT, and am going to university next year to study computer games programming :)
2. I love being in love
3. I have met my perfect girlfriend.. Teresa
4. I complain.. a lot. Its not that i get upset that often, or angry. I just love knowing that through my comments someone will be upset :) Although, I am getting known simply as 'the guy who complains'. And, also, my college now hates me. Oh well...
5. Living in the UK, I have had my PSP since March 2005. Now its kinda boring though :(.

Anyways.. thats me in 5 random facts. ^ ^


Shame that someone already has pimpyourpsp.com which isn;t being used in quite the bling bling manner you might expect. Otherwise you could have started a craze and hitch a ride on the current iPod pimping publicity for pimpyaplayer.com and had some fun at the same time.

My white PSP is more boring now that you can actually buy them in the UK, rather than import them from Japan like I had to way back when. Maybe I'll spray paint it metallic gold and add a few fake diamonds, or maybe not huh :)


1) I love 80s music
2) Im enjoying a Coke :)
3) I like older programming on TV
4) I dont like Whiskey
5) I like my CB

  • I love British Television
  • I prefer Windows over Linux\ Unix
  • I like shooting guns but do not own any
  • I am a painter and metalsmith
  • I don't like Yoda

1) I do not watch TV
2) I love fishing, but don't like eating fish (with a couple exceptions)
3) I'm getting my Bachelor's in Comp. Sci. in only 3 years, which means that
4) I'll be out of school before I'm of legal drinking age
5) I almost always have music playing in my room

  • I would like to teach a good lesson to all those suffering from sarcastocommenta and who intentionally or unintentionally end up hurting other people.
  • I don't belive in gods, saviours, etc..
  • At the end of the day, I end up hating the world a bit more.
  • Normally during my free time I comtemplate.
  • I don't keep track of the world around me, as a way of expressing that I don't give a damn..:D

1: I'm like a total math nerd.

2: I'm a great singer.

3: I just LOVE computers.

4: I'm a college freshman.

5: And I think DaniWeb is like the most coolest site!

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