Hi there, I'm working as a Microsoft Dynamics CRM technical consultant in Malaysia for 2 years but I know that I have to move on with something. My current situation is that I've been involved in one project that is on-going (developer-support job). I myself felt that's kinda stagnant as my development role has been decreasing and supporting role being expanded. I personally not into support work as I don't feel sacrifice if I fixed an issue, I'd rather spend my time to develop something based on requirements.

Here I'm thinking about extending the border so I'm not limited to Dynamics CRM. Here I've some frustration on where to go:

Path 1: Keep going on for Microsoft dynamics product eg. CRM, AX, SharePoint, NAV etc.

Path 2: go for different CRM product eg. Dynamics CRM, salesforce, oracle on demand etc.

Any suggestion or advice on this?

Why go with either? Do you already have a college degree or do you have prior development experience? You can get development jobs without any Microsoft certs.

I have a degree and 2 years experience of development in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. I am about to find opportunities and a company would like to have me to go for interview but it's non-Microsoft stack, they are using oracle on demand (using java). Stay in Microsoft Dynamics CRM I found that the demand is not that high and I have hard time to find my next job.

With your degree and experience you should have little problems getting a job. If you think the non-M$ job is interesting then go for it. Don't be stuck on just M$ jobs, there are lots of other fish in the ocean.

Nothing wrong with Microsoft products, but don't stare blindly at any one product when building experience.
If you want to switch jobs, and there's an offer open using something else that you wouldn't mind learning, jump on it and broaden your horizons.
And there's always work for people who know Oracle well :)