I want to buy a laptop with the following requirements:

  1. Daily use
  2. 1 TB Hard-disk
  3. 4-6 GB RAM
  4. i5(4th gen) processor
  5. 1GB graphic card
  6. Windows 7 Basic
  7. <= 50,000 INR

Which company laptop should I buy? Lenovo, HP, SONY, DELL or what? and Why? Ask me further information if you need to suggest me something good. I want your help. Thanks in advance. Any help would be appreciated.

When it comes to laptops, I have always found that Toshiba or Acer are pretty safe bets. I think HP is OK too. I've never trusted the quality of Lenovo, Sony or Dell, for laptops. That's just my 2 cents.

Btw, your specs are very close to what I have in my current Acer laptop (i7 2nd gen, 1.5 TB HDD, 8 GB RAM, 1 GB graphics, Win7), that I bought a couple of years back (for about the equivalent of 100,000 rupees), and I'm very happy with it.

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1,00,000 is too much for Indians. And your configeration is too much for me. Too many people have Dell around me. What are you talking about in "Quality"?

I've never personally had a problem with Dells and there have been five in my immediate family. On the rare occasions I've had to get service it was always easily arranged with a fast turnaround time. I was even able to get a replacement battery out at the cottage in the middle of nowhere.

I won't condemn Toshiba forever, but a few years ago we had a problem with a batch of them at the office. A design flaw caused the hard drives to fail on a regular basis. Toshiba admitted the problem was theirs but refused to repair/replace. We are talking about 10-15 laptops. That decision by Toshiba caused my company to switch from Toshibas to Thinkpads. In a corporation of 5000 people, that amounted to a hefty chunk of change that Toshiba lost.

100,000 is too much for Indians.

Yeah, well that was a few years ago. Today, at least here Canada, you can get a better laptop than mine for about 40,000 rupees (700CAD), I just checked, as an example, an Acer 15.4 inch screen, i5-4200, 1TB HDD, 10GB RAM, Win8.1, Radeon R7 M265 (2GB) graphics, and it's 700CAD. I obviously don't know how prices are in India for laptops, but I imagine it's of the same order of magnitude.

What are you talking about in "Quality"?

I don't know. When it comes to laptops, I think that the construction quality is very important, because you carry it around and knock it around a bit, and it's important that it's well-built. I always found Lenovos and Sonys to seem a bit wonky in their construction. This is also why I like both Acer and Toshiba. And I'm a bit on the fence with Dell laptops. But this is, by no means, a professional opinion. When it comes to internal components, all companies have the same stuff, mostly, except that some try to cut cost by putting in cheap components or shabby assembly.

@mike And what about Mac book versions? What's your take?

Mac? In general overpriced compared to similarly spec'd machines from other brands.
But sweet machines if you can get them at a discount (which are rare, Apple tightly controls its prices).

As your Expectation are very much in the amount you are looking as this system would cost more than the amount you prefered in the said company as i too had the ame problem but i got an
system with the same configuration which is running fine As when gamming comes to picture you need graphics plus a good clock rate of the processor so i would prefer in the above said companies is
but they will not provide you nvedia graphics card which is best for gamming purpose
and my friend i would like to inform you sony has closed the laptop market as it had been purchased by another company so you can't get a system of sony

HP I don't trust HP. Had one and it broke down after a couple of years because of overheating. This was a widespread problem but no help from HP.

Dell Limited experience with these. My son had one that had a serious overheating problem.

Toshiba's reputation (as per the example above) is good machines but very poor customer service.

ASUS Seem to be pretty good machines at pretty good prices. I believe that Asus and MSI manufacture their own where most other companies outsource the manufactuting. I have had one for a few years that is still running fine. My son recently bought one and he is happy with it.

Lenovo/IBM I bought a used one of these (T510) about 6 months ago. I had Thinkpads at work for many years and I always found them to be very solid. I am very happy with the one that I bought. Don't know if the more recent Lenovo's are up to the same standard.

So, Should I go for ASUS now? But, In India, I didn't see much ASU laptop with my friends, relatives and all. What can be the reason behind this? I have majorly seen Dell & Sony around me. Thanks.

My father in law bought an asus which broke down rapidly. On the other hand, I had one which worked very well during almost 10 years. I bought 3 acer aspire laptops for 500/700 euros in the last 2 years, and they do their job. The first thing I do is erase windows 8 and install linux on them :)

Edit: for 10 years, add 1 or 2 battery replacements.

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I've had a number of laptops in the past:

Packard Bell
Hewlett Packard (2)
Dell (2)

The Dell worked well and when they needed repairing, there was no fuss from service. I've got a HP G72 at the moment and it's great - on all day, every day - no glitches. The Packard Bell had a model fault :(
I can't comment too much on the others as they were bargain buys and lived up to expectation.

I prefer not to catagorize laptop quality by brand. Sometimes a "bad" brand makes a good laptop. Sometimes a "good" brand makes a bad laptop. Lotta people judge brands by just one laptop they've had in the past. Maybe there was sometihng wrong with that particular laptop. Maybe there is something wrong with that entire line of laptops.

Try to find a list of possible laptops online. I generally start at cnet, and make my way around from there. Judge the laptop by the reviews - I find that to be a good heuristic for judging wether a laptop is "good" or "bad". It has some pretty nice searching features for narrowing down the selection.

When a good brand (Toshiba) makes a bad laptop, admits to fault and still charges you to fix/replace the laptop, in my mind that brand becomes a bad brand.

Lenovo really isn't that bad, in fact it makes some very solid and reliable lappys in my experience. That said, I agree with Hiroshe that choosing by brand is a mistake and you should, instead, choose by model. That choice should be dependant on budget/usage/reviews.

I have to say my vote goes to Gigabyte and Acer. we all know those fancy great quality but EXPENSIVE laptops, but out of personal expierence i can tell you those two are great laptops!

I have a Gigabyte (not really famous i know) for 5years straight - the only thing i had done is clean the harddrive.
My mom bought herself a Acer laptop (with windows 8 - so lucky) and i spend hours on it every change i get. I also have to tell you lots of schools use Acer projectors and other hardware because of the good quality!

Not sure why laptops have such slow hard drives.

power consumption, and space. Those fast drives need more "stuff" to keep them stable, and use more electricity.
And of course laptops are traditionally not intended for the uses that require the highest performance. Running Excel, Powerpoint, and Word isn't going to be needing a 10.000rpm drive to keep up with the user...

And cost. It's one thing where laptop makers can shave a bit off of the higher cost of creating small things.

If you want the speed then you can always invest in an SSD.

You should go for HP. I am using HP for more that 2 years and i am happy with its perfprmance.

I am currently using a Dell laptop for about 2,5 years now ... the only problem that I have with it is overheating, It really starts to burn quite fast :s and even if I not doing anything you can the fan going mad. From what I see Acer is decent(especially if you want to have 2nd OS such as Linux). When i tried running linux on my laptop i could feel the buttons started melting cuz of overheating within like 5 minutes after starting it :D But also I see lately maybe 4 out of 5 people around me having Lenovo Think Pad, they seem pretty satisfied with it

For sheer ease of use the HP Chromebook 11 is handy.

My experience with laptops is very limited. I've had a Sony, a Toshiba and an Acer, in order of preference. And then I've been tinkering with friends' lappies who wouldn't work. I can say that I don't particularly like Asus or Acer. In fact the only reason why they're so popular over here is because they are cheap.