This is what I want to buy:
but im confused about something :/

it says on the title that its 1066MHz, is that both RAM cards together? or each is 1066MHz?

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1066Mhz is the speed that ram will send/receive data.

The kit that you are looking at is an 8gb kit. (8192mb kit)

This is the amount that will be added to your memory bank.

So, to add to Begginnerdev's point, different motherboards work with memory at different speeds. So, you will want to make sure that the memory you are buying is compatible with your particular motherboard. Crucial has an awesome memory scanner that I would recommend checking out if you are unsure. You can also just check the specs on your particular motherboard.

Im asking is each ram in the kit 533MHz to = 1066 or are they both 1066MHZ?

Both are 1066.

Your best thing to do, is to use advisor, and it will tell you the correct RAM for your machine. Then shop around. I will tell you up front, that RAM prices have gone up. No matter where you shop, all are going to be around the same price.

At least with Crucial, it is a no hassle return if they send the wrong kind, or it goes bad at any time. I only purchase all my SSD's and RAM through them and no one else.

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