I want to buy a particular .com domain from a domain squatter.
How do i verify that the person is the owner of the website
How do i ensure that the person wont fleece me of my money after the sale
what are the recommended ways to buy a domain from a domain squatter
their asking price is usd6000

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That is an absurb amount of money for a domain!

The first question you have to ask : do you REALLY need that domain? Is there no other domain that will work for you, at all? I often get this with new businesses, who want to buy a very specific domain, yet they can easily get a workable domain for a lot less money.

Dealing with domain squatters can be pesky, in some instances, the hosting company might be of assistance, if you can prove that you are basically being held ransom for a particular domain. My first port of call would be the registrar of the domain and to ask them if there's something that can be done. The person in question might be a known squatter, and that could count in your favour.

The only way to ensure your money is not stolen, is to use an escrow company, a trusted third party that will, for a fee, accept payment and only release the money once the domain has been transferred. I do however urge you to first try to find alternate domain names what will work for you, before going this route.

thank you, will try finding an alternative domain. thank you for the heads up.

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