I just noticed this introduction web site....

Other than being a magician....here is more about me professionally:

I have over 30 years of experience with a major computer manufacturer, in architecting highly available and scalable multi-tier platforms for a variety of Fortune 500 companies. I am currently a Sr. B.I. Solution Architect in our Big Data Systems Engineering lab working on new BI appliances.

Historically, I was the technical lead for the Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW) Appliance, optimized for Microsoft Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW) software (we worked closely with Microsoft developing our appliance).
Finally, I am also a member of my company's ESS Performance and Solutions Engineering COE (Center of Excellence), worked in Shared Services (technical pre-sales) and also has a background in NonStop systems.

My main track record revolves around designing, tuning and performing capacity planning in OLAP, ROLAP, analytics, OLTP and consolidated environments.

Hello and welcome!

Just curious....How many people are local to the Queens/Long Island area ?

Welcome. I don't think I'd count as local, living in Yorkshire, England :)

Dani herself is local though.

I know Dani is local...I met her thsi week :-)
She is very nice, personable and smart :-)

I was never in southeast England....I have only visited West and Northern England. But, I am sure the countryside is beautiful !

Nice to meet you virtually !

Hi there expertmagician! Welcome to DaniWeb, a 12 year old global online community of over 1 million IT professionals, which I started in college while pursuing a Computer Science degree.

DaniPad is the three month old real world version of DaniWeb. With 12 years of experience running and managing a tech community, and constantly frustrated that everything (networking, events, meetups, seminars, etc) worthwhile was in Manhattan and impossible to get to after work from the suburbs, I started DaniPad to fill the gap and serve my own selfish interests.

Basically DaniPad is a technology community center, business center and social group for technologists, targeting the outer boroughs of Manhattan and Long Island.

You attended one of our bimonthly "hangout" meetups, but we also do more formally structured seminars and events, and we are of course also a $150/mo social group of coworkers working out of the space, hanging out and learning from each other on a daily basis. The DaniPad website is at https://www.daniweb.com/danipad and more information about me can be found at http://www.daniweb.com/profiles/1/Dani-Horowitz

Again, welcome to DaniWeb!! :)